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It is vital that you order and use the correct power supply to avoid inconvenience or damage your product. Polarity, voltage, AC/DC and DC plug type vary between models. You should only use an original PSU supplied by DrayTek; The usage of any unapproved 3rd party power supply which has not undergone our rigourous safety and operational testing and will invalidate your warranty and may permanently damage your product. . When selecting your PSU, refer to the actual product itself, not the original PSU, the box, invoice or other documentation. The replacement PSU you receive may differ in appearance to the original but if you have ordered the correct model, it will be compatible/suitable - please check if in any doubt.


  • Vigor 2710
  • Vigor 2710n
  • Vigor 2760
  • Vigor 2760n
  • Vigor 2820
  • Vigor 2820n
  • Vigor 2820Vn (not VSn or PBX)
  • Vigor 2910
  • Vigor 2910n
  • Vigor 2830
  • Vigor 2860 (not Vac,plus)
  • Vigor 2830n
  • Vigor 2860n
  • Vigor 2920
  • Vigor 2925
  • Vigor 2920n
  • Vigor 2925n
  • Vigor 3200
  • Vigor 3200n
  • Vigor 130
  • Vigor 120 v2

  • VigorAP 700 v2

  • VigorIPPBX 2820
  • Vigor 2800 Series
  • Vigor 2910 Series
  • Vigor 2820VSn
  • Vigor 2860Ln
  • Vigor 2860np
  • Vigor 2860Vnp
  • Vigor 2925Vnp

  • Vigor AP-800

  • Vigor AP-900
  • Vigor AP-810
  • Vigor AP-710

  • Vigor 2860Vac
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