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Axel M80 High Performance Thin Client

Micro Format ? Ideal for office use 


Designed and manufactured by AXEL, the AX3000 Thin Client allows direct TCP/IP text and graphics connections to all popular multi-user operating systems: Windows, Unix/Linux, AS/400, S/390, etc.
This Thin Client is designed to be mounted on rear of a flat screen: 

Main Features

Network Interface:    - Ethernet 10/100BT 
Screen Session Protocols:    - RDP    - ICA/HDX    - View Client (RDP)    - VNC Client    - telnet, ssh and tty (*)    - telnet 5250    - telnet 3270 
Graphical specifications:    - Resolutions (according aspect ratio):      . 16/10: 1440x900, 1680x1050, 1920x1200      . 16/9: 1360x768, 1600x900, 1920x1080     . 4/3:  800x600, 1024x768, 1280x960,   1280x1024, 1600x1200    - Max number of colors: True Color (24/32 bpp)
Supported USB Devices:    - Keyboards, mice, barcode readers    - Printers    - Touch Screens    - USB-RS232 and USB-Parallel Adaptors    - Smartcard readers     - Audio devices 
Auxiliary Port Protocols:    - LPD    - RDP/ICA Printer and COM Port Redirection    - Prt5250 (TN5250E)    - Prt3270 (TN3270E)    - tty (client & server )    - telnet (client)    - rcmd/rsh    Centralized Administration:    - Remote set-up     - Text Remote control    - VNC Remote control     - Downloading firmware  

* Available emulations: 3151, ADDS VP-60, ADDS VP-A2, ANSI, ANSI DATA GENERAL, ANSI INTERACTIVE, ANSI RS6000, ATO300, C332, LINUX, OS2 POLYMOD2, PRISM, PROLOGUE 3, QVT119+, REAL/32, SCO OPENSERVER, SM9400, SM9412, THEOS, TVI 950, TWINSERVER, UNIX SCO 3.2.2, UNIX SCO 3.2.4, UNIX SVR4, UNIXWARE 7, VT100/VT220, VT52, WYSE 50/60/120, XENIX SCO Technical Information    

Rear Panel Connectors:     - Power connector for the AX3000,    - 1 x VGA monitor connector,    - 2 x USB 2,    - 1 x RJ45 TCP/IP 10/100BT connector. 
Front Panel Connectors:     - 2 x USB 2

Weight: 330 g Dimensions:  105x135x27 mm Consumption (no device): 5 watts Power Supply: external   


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